Smoke & Fire Contest – Thank you

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6 Responses to "Smoke & Fire Contest – Thank you"

  1. marlene smith says:

    when i first seen the contest i kind of gave me the chills i thought it was for fire detectors which i think it’s a terrific prize i’ve been through a bad fire and almost lost my son but as soon as i seen the bbq grill and smoker i was happy to see that it’s an unusual shape and would love to try and win it so thanks for the opportunity

  2. Connie McGuire says:

    I really hope I win because I all but blew up our BBQ last night. The burners broke in half and fell into the bottom of the BBQ. When I went to flip the burgers the temp was registering at over 700 degrees and the flames were a good 3 feet! Yikes! I don’t think my hubby is all that impressed with me at the moment lol I’m just happy that I still have my eyebrows ;)

  3. Harjit says:

    Thank you for the chance to win awesome prizes! Twitter fan@plumerea

  4. Denise says:

    It is a good idea to post gluten free recipes as celiac and sensitivities to wheat are getting more and more common.

  5. Lee Weday says:

    Such a great newsletter. Thank you!

  6. Solange Garson says:

    Would love to BBQ moose meat..its so tender with onion’s..experiment other ways to fry burgers…


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