10 Recipes That Kids Love

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Happy March Break!

Many of you have already left town to seek out family fun by swimming on warm sunny beaches or skiing on frozen mountain peaks. For those of you that opted for a ‘staycation’ this March break, finding creative ways to keep the kids entertained can be a bit of a struggle. In order to make feeding everyone a breeze this week, here’s a family-friendly list of 10 Recipes That Kids Love.

Turkey-Pretzel-Nuggets_1 1. Turkey Pretzel Nuggets: Kids and grown-ups love to eat with their hands. These moist tender nuggets are made with turkey, but are great with chicken too. The Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce is really what keeps them coming back for more!

Weeknight Spinach and Gnocchi Bake_1 2. Weeknight Spinach and Gnocchi Bake: Done in only 30 minutes! Make it the day before, because it only tastes better and better over the next few days.

3. Homemade Veggie Hummus from Yummy Lunch Club: get a jump on school lunch for next week by helping the kids make homemade hummus. It’s easy!

4. Panko Crusted Fish Sticks: from Cooking Light Magazine: A great activity over March break is teaching the kids how to help out in the kitchen. All kids love fish sticks, right? Show them how easy it is to bread the fish sticks and stir together the tartar sauce.

Homemade Gluten-free Beef-a-roni_4sq 5. Homemade Gluten Free Beef-a-Roni Don’t take that can out  of the pantry, it’s a breeze to make homemade. Using quinoa pasta makes this gluten free dish a real crowd pleaser.

Fully-Loaded Oatmeal Cookies_4 6. Fully-Loaded Oatmeal Cookies: If the kids are bored… make cookies! These bad boys are full of good-for-you oatmeal with lots of dried cranberries and chocolate chips.

7. BLT Grilled Cheese Sandwiches from Foodiecrush.com: Sometimes the simple things are the best things.

8. Mini Hot Dog Roll-ups from Foodiecrush: It’s a holiday week, so why not splurge by serving hot dogs! This simple recipe served with mustard or ketchup will make you a super-mom.

Sweet & Salty Granola Bars_sq 9. Sweet & Salty Granola Bars: Rushing around this holiday week? These are a simple no-bake, make-ahead bar that you can eat on the run or munch when you need that energy boost mid-afternoon.

Double Almond Breakfast Smoothie_2 10. Double Almond Breakfast Smoothie: Now that you have a bit more time in the morning this week, try something new. This breakfast smoothie is a fast, nutritious and easy way to start the day off right for both Mom and the family.

Enjoy the week, have fun!


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