Turkey Saltimbocca

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Turkey Saltimbocca is a simple and delicious starter or combined with a salad for a speedy weeknight supper.

Funny word – Saltimbocca – right? Well it’s a (Italian: jumps in the mouth) traditional dish that’s usually made with veal and white wine or marsala. My version first appeared in the Holiday 2013 issue of EatInEatOut magazine, and it was a big hit. It’s a great way to use up leftovers at Christmas or Easter, but why not buy fresh anytime? Turkey parts can be found all-year-round at most grocery stores so there’s no reason not to enjoy it everyday. Just buy a fresh boneless breast and cook by grilling or baking. Then slice into thick pieces to create fast and delicious Turkey Saltimbocca….

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Turtle Hot Fudge Pudding Cake

Sweet of the Month for March: salted caramel, pecans, chocolate cake and hot fudge! In my last post I was kind of whining about the weather, whining about work, and feeling a bit sorry for myself. Believe me, working on March Sweet of the Month really helped cheer me up! Sometimes you’ve just got to have some hot…

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February Roundup: Top 4 recipes

The best and worst of a really bitter month. I am so glad to see the back-end of February! It just plain sucked. Here’s four reasons why

Slow Cooker Chicken Gumbo_3

Slow Cooker Chicken Gumbo

This slow cooker version is a delicious twist on traditional ‘gumbo’. The slow cooker is one of the best time-saving appliances in the kitchen. Have you tried one yet? It’s great for beginner cooks because all you have to do is fill it and turn it on. Hours later, you come home to a house filled with…

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Minute Steak with Ratatouille

The Meal Maker: super fast week-night meal with a fresh new twist! Heading home from work, but rushing back out with the kids to hockey or ballet?  Looking for a nutritious meal that gives everyone the boost of energy they need, but is on the table in 20 minutes? I have the solution… Did your Mom make you Minute Steaks…

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Cauliflower Pineapple Fried Rice

Celebrate Meatless Monday with this delicious 20-minute meal that actually has no rice! Have you guys been trying to go Meatless on Mondays? It’s a great way to find new ways to use veggies and add alternatives to meat proteins to your meal plan. As you may have gathered from past posts, I’ve been experimenting with using cauliflower…

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Boozy Red Velvet Trifles

It’s time for Valentine’s Day… booze, whipped cream, cake… ’nuff said. I know what you’re thinking “these look like a lot of work!“. Well I’ve made a few shortcuts this time, so these Boozy Red Velvet Trifles have all the goodness, but come together in much less time. Besides, it’s a special day, so make something…

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Turkey Pretzel Nuggets

Why go out for those Mc nuggets? These moist turkey morsels coated with pretzels served with delicious dipping sauce, make it easy to stay home! It’s Family Day today in BC and next Monday in the rest of Canada. What a great idea… family day… a day during the bleak month of February to put work aside and…

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Cauliflower Bean Salad Makeover

Healthy Cauliflower Bean Salad

Time to give an old favourite a healthy makeover! It can be roasted, boiled, fried, sautéed, steamed or even raw – the dish possibilities are endless with this low in fat and high in fiber vegetable. From soups to creamy casseroles, we’re talking about the multifaceted cauliflower.


Bleeding Heart Chocolate-Cherry Brownies

Sweet of the Month for February calls for something your sweetheart will love! When I think of February I think of dark days, cold temps and lots of snow. However, mid-month a holiday comes around with the sole intention of warming things up! I don’t know why, but when I make something for my Valentine it always turns out…

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Eat In Eat Out Magazine – Winter 2015

The Winter Issue is Online and it’s all about comfort foods At this time of year, few things are more comforting than a dish of slow-cooked stew, a steaming bowl of chunky soup, or a hearty oven-baked casserole. Hearty and cosy, one-pot meals warm and nourish our bodies and soul. Perfect for both weeknight family dinners…

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