Holiday 2015 issue of EatInEatOut™ Magazine

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The Holiday 2015 issue is now online and it’s all about ENTERTAINING in style!

It’s just a month to Christmas, so we can officially say the holiday 2015 season is on! Over the next six weeks our lives will be jammed full of excitement; sparkly lights, decorations, parties, family and lots of food, drink and merriment. It’s the time of year when we invite lots of friends over to share some delicious homemade meals and celebrate the new year to come. It’s the best, right?

This is our biggest issue of the year. I’ve had lots of help putting it together for you guys and we’re really proud to finally share. With this Holiday 2015 Issue of EatInEatOut™ Magazine we’ve tried to provide everyone with all the recipes and party planning tips you’ll need to entertain in style this year…

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Chewy Coconut Macaroons_1

Chewy Coconut Macaroons

A classic cookie gets a holiday twist with these Chewy Coconut Macaroons Time to ease into the holiday baking with a simple cookie that everyone loves. Macaroons have been a family favourite, forever. Kids love their chewy, coconut goodness. Moms love how easy they are to make. Dressed up with the addition of dark chocolate drizzle, these…

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Turkey Meatvall Sroganoff_sq

Turkey Meatball Stroganoff

Turkey Meatball Stroganoff (IKEA copycat) you can make at home! Need a quick meal that the kids are in a rush to get to football or judo? You can’t loose by combining two things that they love – meatballs and noodles. These aren’t just any kind of frozen meatball from the store, these home-made gems…

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Spicy Pork Belly Sliders_2

Spicy Asian Pork Belly Sliders with Sweet & Sour Slaw

Cheer on your favourite team with spicy burgers they can eat in one hand! In Canada it’s time to begin the journey to the Grey Cup with the CFL playoffs. Getting the gang together to cheer on your favourite team calls for spicy foods that go well with a great beer. These trendy pork belly sliders with a spicy Asian…

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Curried Cauliflower with Quinoa & Spinach

Main dish or salad? This delicious 20-minute veggie meal does double duty as both! You may have noticed, I love cauliflower. With good reason, it’s tasty roasted, steamed, grilled… so many options. It combines with pasta perfectly, as in this Cauliflower Penné with Raisins & SunDried Tomatoes, or makes a yummy side dish like one of my favourites: Cauliflower Pineapple Fried Rice….

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Chocolate-Cherry Hello Dollies_3

Chocolate-Cherry Hello Dollies

It’s November, so that’s officially time to start your holiday baking, right? Maybe I just love the season too much, but right about now I start planning all my holiday baking. Baking cookies. Baking bars. I feel good knowing all my favourites are tucked in the freezer, ready to pull out during December or any time I need to party! One of…

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Greek Yogurt Deviled Egg Salad Sandwiches

Take Meatless Monday to work or school with these pimped-up egg sandwiches Although I love to eat meat, several days a week I prefer to go meatless. No big reason, I just really enjoy an all-vegetable pasta dish, casserole or sandwich. I also enjoy taking a classic recipe and making it my own with a bit…

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Maple Pecan Apple Strudel_2

Easy Maple Pecan Apple Strudel

Apple season is finally here, so why not bake this easy peasy strudel? Have you been out picking apples yet? Bundle up and head out to your local apple farm, it’s so much fun! The kids will have a blast running around outside and you’ll come home with a huge basket of fresh fruit that’s just asking to…

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Canadian Bacon Pineapple Pizza_2

Canadian Bacon Pineapple Pizza

The Hawaiian pizza updated with a splash of good-for-you kale Have you ever wondered who invented the Hawaiian Pizza? Someone in Hawaii, right? Well think again… According to Wikipedia, Sam Panopoulos, of London Ontario was the first to make the unlikely culinary fusion at his Chatham restaurant way back in 1962. Sam was looking for…

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