Savoury Zucchini Waffles

Savoury Zucchini Waffles_sq2

Not just for breakfast anymore! These Savoury Zucchini Waffles are delicious alone or a perfect partner for chicken.

What’s up with waffles lately? I’ve always loved them, but lately I’m seeing sweet waffles shared everywhere from Instagram to Pinterest. Waffles can easily be changed up by swapping out white flour for whole wheat and adding flax seeds or chia. The options for breakfast waffles are endless, but what about adding them to dinner with a savoury recipe? Genius…

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Milk Chocolate Nutella Cream Pie

Sweet of the Month for April: is perfectly light while still deliciously decadent I don’t know what is it about April, or maybe Easter, but I start thinking about Nutella… weird? Last April I came up with this delicious Milk Chocolate Nutella Torte, that was a real Easter table stunner! I love the combination of chocolate with hazelnuts, what…

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Eat In Eat Out Magazine – Spring 2015

THE SPRING ISSUE IS ONLINE AND IT’S ALL ABOUT HEALTHY EATING At this point, bringing up the fact that this was the coldest February in Toronto – ON RECORD – is just pushing salt into an old wound. Let’s instead think ‘happy’ thoughts of tulips, green grass and fresh local produce… ahh… Spring at last! Even though I…

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Tell us about your favourite food blog

Now it’s your turn to tell us about your favourite food blogger. Is there a food blog that you love to read each week? Is there a food blogger that truly inspires you to learn and be be a better cook? Is there a food blogger that shoots photos that are a work of art? YES??…

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Maple Baked Beans_2

Lori’s Famous Maple Baked Beans

Maple Baked Beans aren’t just for summer bbq, they make a great side for that Easter ham. Starting to plan your Easter dinner? It’s not that far away. Even though I love love love me some delicious turkey, I usually plan for a roasted ham at Easter. My famous Maple Baked Beans as a side to the ham along with a…

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Orange Almond Creme Bruleé

Orange Almond Creme Brulee

Taking a look back with Orange Almond Creme Brulee As I started to put together the upcoming Spring 2015 issue of EatInEatOut™ magazine, I took a look back at some of our previous issues for inspiration. I came across this awesome recipe in Spring 2013 and wanted to share it with you again. Creamy and refreshing, the combination of…

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Beef Curry with Sweet Potato and Peas_4

30-Minute Beef and Sweet Potato Curry

The Meal Maker: Fast and flavourful Beef Curry the whole family will love! Happy March break! I hope everyone is enjoying the week off with the family. Right about now, if you’re not on a sunny beach in a far away land, you may be looking for a dinner recipe that’s simple, fast, and the kids will…

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Zucchini Bread with Chocolate Chips_8

Zucchini Bread with Chocolate Chips

Taking a second look at my famous, super-moist zucchini bread with chocolate chips. Zucchini bread… more please! It’s big, puffy, moist and deliciously sweet. Perfect for a fast breakfast on-the-go or when you need to take a break from your busy afternoon. I recommend making a double batch,  why? 1) they freeze really, really well,  2) zucchinis are easy to find and…

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Eggplant Layered Casserole

Vegetarian week continues with one of my favourite recipes of all time – Eggplant Layered Casserole! Welcome back to another veggie-week recipe. This simple casserole makes a great main course or a wonderful side to fresh pasta. When I was a teenager, I used to make this Eggplant Layered Casserole once a week, I really love it. Maybe what…

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Spinach, Orzo and Bean Soup

Meatless Monday: Spinach, Orzo and Bean Soup is a healthy vegetarian power-packed wonder! This week I plan on sharing two of my favourite vegetarian recipes. Did I ever mention I was a vegetarian for four years when I was younger? I was! I became an expert at creating simple, creative and delicious vegetarian meals. Beans and lentils are an…

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Turkey Saltimbocca_1

Turkey Saltimbocca

Turkey Saltimbocca is a simple and delicious starter or combined with a salad for a speedy weeknight supper. Funny word – Saltimbocca – right? Well it’s a (Italian: jumps in the mouth) traditional dish that’s usually made with veal and white wine or marsala. My version first appeared in the Holiday 2013 issue of EatInEatOut magazine, and it was a big…

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